Toddler’s Game : Peek A Boo

Engaging toddler’s is easy but to get them hold for long is difficult.There are only few tricks which work for it , Peek A boo is the best game they like.

Peek a boo helps in child development as well having fun.There are many things which helps when you play Peek a Boo with little ones.

  1. It helps in developing their understanding with Language/words we use.
  2. It develops confidence in doing things of their own, when the spot you.
  3. They learn objects while playing.
  4. You can also help them learn colors/count/rhymes while playing.
  5. Peek a boo also boost them to walk, with the tiny steps.

Personally, Peek a boo is not only my fav, Sansa loves it she hides behind her cushion, inside the kitchen, down the table, or behind the curtains. While at time she hides her face with little fingers to do PEEK A BOOO….

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