Toddler’s Recipe : Fruit Salad

Juggling in preparing something Quick , Easy and Nutritious for our little ones.

Here I am sharing is my Little one’s favorite :

Fruit Salad : You need Papaya, Apple, Grapes, Banana, or any other seasonal fruit available and Honey.

  1. Wash the fruits with Warm water.
  2. Peel the fruits nicely
  3. Cut the fruits in cube, circles or triangles, different shapes.
  4. Mix them in a bowl
  5. Add few drops of Honey
  6. Mix the fruits and Serve

Now, The fun is in identifying the Shapes/Colors/Fruits name while having a nutritious fruit meal.

Tips :

  • Try to have as many different color fruit possible. Different shapes and colors attracts the juniors.
  • Toddlers enjoy using Fork or Toothpicks.

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