Toddler’s Travel Tips : Hill Station

Travelling to a hill station with toddlers is always pleasing as you get some fresh breathe from Metro cities. I will certainly say you all will feel more energetic on the vacation.

Here are few tips I will share if you are travelling to a Hill station with Toddler :

  1. First check for the Travel mode ,is it Rail, Road or by Air. In any case, you should not forget to pack for their Play time.
  2. You should check on the clothes, Jackets, thermal wears and caps for sure.
  3. Diapers, Wipes, Bibs, Napkins you should make a stock.
  4. Assorted snacks as preferred, my lil one enjoy Fox nuts, Roasted Cashews,chips and biscuits.
  5. Pack milk powder in small sachets so you do not to keep the entire box in Carry bag and for easy access
  6. Keep two small bottles , one with warm water and other one with normal/cold as preferred.
  7. A sipper and spoon is all time required with lil ones.

Tips : If travelling by Air do not forget to keep your little one ID PROOF.

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